U-Boat U-51 Chimera Bronze Reference 6945 Replica Watch Review

Why we didn’t feature U-Boat before

If you’re not in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg, you are able to skip this small introduction without a doubt. However, if you wish to know why we didn’t feature more U-Boat Replica previously, continue reading through.

Captured, I had been on the short visit to London and U-Boat United kingdom asked me to talk with them. I must be truthful along with you and state that U-Boat wasn’t exactly on my small radar for any very long time. The reason behind this is they were promoted within the Netherlands (where we’re based) inside a terrible manner roughly ten years ago. However, I made the decision to visit begin to see the people at U-Boat working in London and as it turned out they acknowledged the very fact these beginning weren’t the very best for U-Boat in certain nations (such as the Netherlands). However, since that time, they’ve originate from far and U-Boat appears to market very well within the UK (as well as in other nations too). Here we are at us to depart yesteryear behind and find out what U-Boat is about.


Once the nice people at U-Boat demonstrated me areas of their collection, I observed these watches still reflect the look they began by helping cover their, but the amount of finish and particularly the amount of detail enhanced in lots of ways. Fact is you either love these watches or else you hate ’em. Nonetheless, little could be talked about concerning the craftsmanship according to the finish of those replica watches for sale and also the large number of particulars.

Background on U-Boat

In 1942, an Italian designer and crafter of precision instruments through the title of Ilvo Fontana was requested through the Italian Navy to participate the tender for any new officer’s and diver’s watch out for them. Ilvo Fontana made the decision to provide the corporation the title U-Boat and posted his designs. Because of conditions it was not easy to materialize these replica watches and also the designs disappeared right into a drawer. Until roughly 58 years later, in 2000, Ilvo Fontana’s grandson Italo found these designs and inspired him to complete what his grandfather began. Produce a diver’s watch rich in quality standards and guarantee maximum visibility and reliability in almost any light and the weather.


In which the U-42 collection grabs to the initial types of Italo Fontana’s grandfather, the Chimera collection is really a modern interpretation from it. The crown-system that’s certainly one of their signatures is clearly present about this replica watch and stretches the 46mm diameter from the situation to some whopping 60mm. Let’s focus about this bronze piece from U-Boat.

Chimera Bronze Special Edition Ref 6945

First factor I observed when unwrapping this replica watch in the box it arrived may be the weight and also the size. The timepiece weighs in at roughly 185 grams which isn’t something won’t notice when putting on. Obviously, probably the most visible feature of the Chimera may be the bronze situation. The bronze situation will ultimately have this patina that’ll be unique to every watch. Restricted to 300 pieces only, I’m wondering exactly what the difference is going to be between these questions couple of years (or decades) from now when these watches begin to age. I don’t know, but I know that the amount of patina on the bronze situation also is dependent around the physical location from the owner (weather conditions) not to mention the kind of abuse it’ll get.

As you can tell around the picture above, the bezel and situation back are affixed to the mid-situation using 5 screws and bolts in exterior bronze tubes. The dial from the watch has layers which add a relatively good depth into it. The low dial is matt bronze and also the upper dial has this tobacco color which provides the timepiece a little of the vintage look & feel. It really works very well using the bronze regardless. Laser cut minute and our hands having a hands blown finish at first glance makes this watch picture perfect. Although very practical, the date aperture wouldn’t happen to be necessary in my opinion.

The photo below provides a better take on the exterior tube-system to help keep the timepiece together and also the shield that states it’s a special edition (such as the number). Additionally, it shows the conclusion around the bezel, tubes, mid-situation and lugs. The satin brush finish appears to stay in different directions per area of the watch, showing the amount of detail U-Boat applies to these watches.

Another part of the watch I have to mention this is actually the strap. Even though it might look a little small , thin with this watch (as you can tell above, the timepiece is THICK. Approximately 18mm). The calf strap continues to be done based on a method in the 1800s which provides it that vintage distressed feel and look. Although we presently see more straps using this type of finish and also the typical coarse stitching, this should have been the softest and many comfortable strap I’ve worn in quite a while. Obviously, the timepiece has a matching buckle in bronze.

When we turn the timepiece, you’ll immediately get another taste of the amount of detail U-Boat loves to put in their watches. Before I mind to some particulars around the mechanical chronograph movement of the Chimera Bronze Special Edition reference 6945, I really want you to take a look in the situation back. The perlage finish around the caseback is simply wonderfully performed. The situation back continues to be engraved with the necessary wording by U-Boat, although I don’t know why you need to possess the situation diameter on the website. Possibly it’s the very first factor others will request you. Anyway, it didn’t bother me too.

The very around the back has a little of the ‘smoke’ effect. It matches the bronze colour of the situation perfectly but still provides you with enough ‘view’ in the movement.

As you’ve most likely suspected already by searching in the lay-from the dial, U-Boat utilizes a ETA/Valjoux 7750 based movement. The rotor however, continues to be constructed of silver and it has blued screws in position for that attachment from the mass weight. The rhodium plated movement continues to be decorated nicely. The ETA/Valjoux is regarded as a workhorse so I’m pretty confident it’ll continue ticking for decades in the future. The version that U-Boat uses though is really a beautiful workhorse, as you’ve seen lesser (optically) finished versions of the movement in watches of brands which are being situated a little greater by lots of watch fanatics.

The state list cost from the U-51 Chimera Bronze reference 6945 is 6900 Euro.

In conclusion: I will be the 4g iphone to deny that U-Boat has a little of the difficult history within Holland which this stored appearing within my mind a couple of occasions when handling this U-Boat. However, I have to be truthful here and also have to confess that there’s only little to criticize when it comes to quality and finished of the watch. The only real factor I have to get accustomed to may be the cost degree of these watches, because they are far from all of these first quarta movement pieces they did in early 2000s. I neglected this brand for ten years (and a few individuals most likely too) now I have to re-evaluate my former opinion a little (quite a bit).

Should you mainly take a look at what you should receive with this money, the cost appears greater than realistic in my experience. Using bronze is extremely awesome and also the layered dial and bronze colored hands really is a right diamond necklace into it. I understand that Italians and style go hands-in-hands, however I was still being pleased! Besides design, the U-51 Chimera Bronze watch is really a quality watch with no single doubt i believe.

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