Take A Look At The New Presage Collection Of Seiko Replica

First, it unveiled its first-ever tourbillon replica watch, which it says is the world’s smallest tourbillon by volume (you can read our report on it here). Then it announced the global launch of a new, all-mechanical collection of affordably priced automatic replica watches called Presage. “Presage takes center stage as Seiko’s leading mechanical replica watch collection,” the company said in a statement. The Presage collection contains 60 models at prices ranging from the equivalent of $500 to $2,600. (Only two Seiko Presage replica watches – limited-edition chronograph pieces with special dials – will be available in the U.S. this year, however.) The collection’s tag line is “Fine Mechanical replica watchmaking. From Japan.”

Take A Look At The New Presage Collection Of Seiko Replica

The announcements, particularly about Presage, indicate a new level of attention to and ambition about fine mechanical replica watchmaking at Seiko mens Replica. Introducing Presage at the press conference, Seiko’s Teruyo Ishimaru said, “Today Seiko is best known for electronic replica watches. Presage is going to change that.”

Seiko, founded in Tokyo in 1881, is no stranger to mechanical replica watchmaking. It made its first wristreplica watch 103 years ago. And over the years it has notched its belt with a number of mechanical replica watch innovations. The Magic Lever of 1959 increased winding efficiency. In 1964, Seiko developed Spron, a special alloy for its in-house balance springs. In 1969, it made the world’s first automatic chronograph with vertical clutch and column wheel systems. Its Grand Seiko mechanical replica watches, launched in 1960, are acclaimed for superior accuracy.

Seiko’s embrace and mastery of quartz-replica watch technology in the 1970s changed its – and the replica watch world’s – history. Recently, though, under CEO Shinji Hattori, a great-grandson of the company founder, Kintaro Hattori, Seiko has revived its mechanical replica watchmaking prowess. Presage will be the firm’s first all-mechanical replica watch collection. (The celebrated Grand Seiko collection has mechanical, quartz, and Spring Drive models. Seiko introduced four new Grand Seiko replica watches at Baselworld, all with Spring Drive movements.)

Take A Look At The New Presage Collection Of Seiko Replica

Seiko aims for Presage to have broad appeal. It uses the full range of Seiko mechanical calibers, from what Seiko calls the “accessible” 4R, through 6R, to the exclusive 8R. (The prestigious 9S mechanical movement is reserved for Grand Seiko replica watches.) All Presage replica watches have sapphire crystals and 100-meter water resistance.

At the top of the Presage line are the two limited-edition pieces meant to mark the 60th anniversary of Seiko’s first automatic replica watches. The replica watches have stainless-steel cases (42 mm by 15.2 mm) that are antimagnetic.

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