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Patrizzi Talks Only Watch 2009 Video Sales & Auctions

Having the ability to receive one of these abroad and wear them in the US has its own advantages. Especially when people ask you about the watch and you comment on how “oh, these are not available in the States.” The dial is quite easy to read, particularly with the thick lume-coated hands. The friendly looking bubbly “12” is really a nice touch.The big rotating bezel is performed with a PVD black coating while the instance on this version is a mixture of steel and titanium. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters and includes a sapphire crystal display back. While it’s available with a metal bracelet, this XXL version includes a rubber strap with folding steel deployment clasp. The broad dimensions of the strap helps provide the watch a much more impressive look on one’s wrist, but actually works to reduce the visual size of the case.Price for this particular watch is roughly $5,500 – which makes it around the exact same price as many other high-end high-fashion dive watches. These watches aren’t cheap but can be claimed to have a higher perceived value as a result of titles on the dial. They are also fairly well designed and possess an almost magical appearance to them. One of these Chaumet Class One XXL Chronographs is available on James List right here.

Really soon (6pm on September 24th) it will be time for the Only Watch 2009 watch auction. I summed up the detail a bit here, and here. Click there to get the specs on it all. Frankly I am a bit tired of writing “Only Watch” 2009, but just because there has been so much to say about it. The concept is really cool; your favorite watch makers need to make special unique watches that are then sold to the super elite, and the money goes to charity. The auction is held at the Monaco Yacht show every other year.

The black dial here is difficult to appreciate in images. It’s various shades of black from the stripes into the subdials. The stainless steel segments on the dial including the palms are hour mark are eye-pleasing and calming. There are a variety of special, but simple shapes all around the watch that help to it being easy to love. The crown has a dark cabochon it into coincide with the dial, while the chronograph pushers are tapered to make the illusion that the case itself tapers also. Large drag screws feel instrumental and masculine. The Chaumet name is largely emphasized on the dial developing a lifestyle component to the timepiece. Big polished letters remind you that you are a Chaumet man. A “dandy” guy as well? At least the Dandy name isn’t on the watch anywhere. In 40mm wide the case is a good moderate dimensions, even though it is going to wear “big” given the comparatively thin bezel. Chaumet utilizes a Swiss ETA 2894-2 automatic movement. Though the 12 hour index for the chronograph was removed to provide it that bi-compax look. The dial has a great looking blue chronograph seconds hand which adds a nice splash of color. There are thin strips of SuperLumiNova on the face that are colored to glow blue in the dark. You can find the watch with a leather or steel bracelet. As one of the Chaumet Dandy watches this is a great rendition for a guy who likes the style, but doesn’t wish to venture into the more avant garde land that some Chaumet watches can enter. Cost for all these watches retails for $3,000 – $6,000 I think

Charity is nice and all, but for me it is all about the crazy watches they the brands came up with. This year there will be 34 watches auctioned off. For a watch to be part of the auction it must be the very first in a limited edition (1/XXX), or a totally unique watch specially made for the event. I really enjoyed seeing what the brands put out there, and I look forward to smirking at the prices that will be achieved for the timepieces. There is going to be a heavy amount of alcohol being poured at the event I am sure – which helps lubricate that part of your wrist that signs checks.

Check out this video from that has Mr. Patrizzi talking about the Only Watch 2009 auction. Osvaldo Patrizzi is the guy behind Patrizzi & Co., the auction house and major organizer behind the Only Watch events. The video has lots of shots of the watches. You’ll want to see this unless you were among those people who got to see the watches on their traveling tour around the world. Getting you all excited pre-bidding time. Don’t you love the logo for the event? It is so 1981 cheesy. Some of my favorites for the event are from Omega, Louis Vuitton, Bovet, Gerald Charles, Confrerie Horlogerie, and Chaumet.

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