The New Replica Hublot Big Bang One Click Italia Independent

The Hublot Big Bang Replica One Click Italia Independent crafts black ceramic, diamonds and velvet. A deliciously elegant cocktail! A style maximised by the versatility enabled by the One Click strap’s interchangeable system. A concept of personalisation further en- hanced by a material as surprising as it is chic: velvet, a fabric held dear by the Italia Independent house. It covers the strap and the dial. Three different colours are availa- ble: dark blue, blue and purple. And the three can be mixed with a simple click at your leisure!

“Our partnership with the Italia Independent brand has turned out to be a very wise choice: the unbridled creativity of Lapo Elkann combined with the extraordinary savoir- faire of our replica watchmakers has already led to the creation of four exceptional joint models, of which we are very proud. It was time to put this unique alchemy into the service of women. And now it’s done, and well done at that: yes, fashion and replica watchmaking can be perfectly compatible. We are now providing proof of this with this Big Bang One Click Italia Independent.”

The New Replica Hublot Big Bang One Click Italia Independent
Entirely redesigned by Hublot men’s replica in 2016, the emblematic Big Bang One Click has adopted the visual codes of its predecessor, the masculine Big Bang Unico, while fully asserting its feminine side: it comes with a finely set bezel and has done away with its chronograph. It now also features the One Click system allowing the strap to be changed easily and quickly – an exclu- sive patent developed by Hublot.

The New Replica Hublot Big Bang One Click Italia Independent

This is what Hublot and Italia Independent used as a basis to develop the first ladies replica watch to come out of the partnership initiated in 2014 by the Swiss manufacture and Lapo Elkann’s brand. The 39-millimetre diameter case is cut out of black ceramic and encloses an automatic manufacture movement. This Big Bang heart beats at the rhythm of 28,800 alternance per hour and has a 50-hour power reserve. The bezel is set with no fewer than 42 diamonds. And, as it seems that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, its dial features ten more of them, accompa- nied by the Hublot and Italia Independent logos.

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