High Grade Breguet Publishes Updated & Expanded Reference Book on Abraham-Louis Breguet Replica Buying Guide

It was developed years ago when having an “orbital” dual tourbillon was very impressive. Ever since that time, other watches have graced our courts with much more complex movements and even more tourbillons, but the grade 588 remains impressive due to the sheer presence. It’s similar to a contrasting a giant naturally aspirated V8 engine (the 588) next to a highly tuned four-cylinder with performance enhancements (many other complex watch movements) that might have the identical power but using a tiny overall footprint. This is a timepiece meant to wow and move the hearts of both the wearer and those seeing the wearer.From what I can tell, the mention 5349 Breguet Watches Marine Replica Dual Tourbillon only adds to a few extra millimeters of case dimensions to the 5347 in order to match all of the diamonds on the circumstance. Large in size and totaling over 30 carats of stone, the Breguet Dual Tourbillon 5349 case has nearly 110 baguette-cut diamonds around the bezel, case, and lugs. It is certainly as masculine an execution of a pave case as you can get. Our more aptly-sized friend with stones in the solid platinum case goes up in price just a little to 820,000 Swiss francs (a bit more in dollars). When you have the money to spend (or allocate) to a timepiece such as this, you know you’ve arrived at the point in life were people should listen to you (or else). Thank you, Breguet, for making me feel like a king, if but for a day.

First published in 1997, Breguet, Watchmakers since 1775. The life and legacy of Abraham-Louis Breguet was written by Emmanuel Breguet, a seventh generation descendant of Abraham-Louis and now curator of the Breguet museum. With the original edition long out of print, the book has just been published in its second edition, and made available by Breguet for an affordable price.

Corporate vanity coffee table books are rarely worth attentive study, but Abraham-Louis Breguet is such a significant figure in watchmaking that the updated Breguet tome is definitely worth a read. Add to that the Breguet museum’s impressive collection and the book is hard to turn down.

Breguet book 2017 second edition 2 Breguet book 2017 second edition 3

Measuring 27cm by 29cm and weighing 2.6kg (or 5.7lbs), the second edition is a weighty piece of reading. At 452 pages, the second edition is over 60 pages longer than the first, to accommodate the new images, illustrations and historical timepieces acquired by the Breguet museum since 2000 (like the Bugatti Royale clock purchased last year).

Necessarily, the new edition also includes a chapter covering the Swatch era, after the Swiss watchmaking conglomerate took over Breguet in 1999. It details Swatch founder Nicolas Hayek’s leadership of the company until his passing in 2010, during which its turnover grew 10-fold.

Price and availability 

Breguet, Watchmakers since 1775. The life and legacy of Abraham-Louis Breguet will be available at Breguet boutiques worldwide, priced at SFr130 or €120, equivalent to US$130.


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