Take A Look At The Porsche Design Military Mens Replica

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  • October 6, 2016
  • Take A Look At The Porsche Design Military Mens Replica

    These classic 70s tool Porsche Design mens replica watches with their spartan good looks started out as civilian pieces more focused on motorsport than armed service. Once interest in the replica watch had been expressed by the appropriate requisitioning authorities, the ‘Military’ text appeared along with the ‘3H’ designation. This doesn’t make them issued replica […]

    Under the bonnet is the well-respected Lemania 5100 movement. This was much maligned by purists when it first arrived as it has numerous plastic parts, not understanding that the ‘plastic ‘is high tech, self-lubricating DuPont Delrin, not great if you want to skeletonise the movement or have display backs but perfect to give added shock protection to a robust military chrono.


    Photo Review – Porsche Design Replica Watch

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  • September 16, 2015
  • I understand, huh? Believe me, I’d haven’t agreed along with you a while ago should you have stated that I’ll be writing Porsche Design replica watches photo reviews in the near future but here I am. I believe the Porsche Design watches should never be extremely popular nor can they spark lots of curiosity about […]