Take A Look At The Ball Watch Trainmaster Cannonball Replica

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  • September 19, 2016
  • Few replica watch brands are more intrinsically linked to train travel than the Ball Mens Replica Watch Company. The company, founded in 1891, was born out of necessity. Deaths on American railways were not uncommon. Forty miles from Cleveland, Ohio on April 18th 1891, two trains collided. The accident became known as the “Great Kipton Train […]

    BALL Watch Company Trainmaster Cannonball - ref CM1052D-S1J-BK
    BALL Watch Company Trainmaster Cannonball - ref CM1052D-S1J-BK

    The dial:

    Ball replica Watch Company has referenced the original pocketwatches used on the railways, but tailored them to meet the needs of today’s wearer by creating this highly practical wristwatch.


    Blued poire squélette hands ooze nostalgia and evince an antique feel. A micro gas tube graces each hand, enhancing nocturnal legibility. Micro gas tubes deliver incredible luminescence, as I recently discovered when reviewing Ball’s Fireman Storm Chaser Pro. The micro gas tubes use tritium, a radioactive substance safely contained within glass tubes that delivers matchless readability.