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Helmut Sinn Has Passed Away At The Age Of 101 Watch Industry News

German watchmaker Sinn Spezialuhren has just announced, in a statement via Facebook, that brand founder Helmut Sinn has passed away at the age of 101. A report on Watches By SJX confirmed the announcement and states that Mr. Sinn was experiencing a “short illness” before passing away on February 14, 2018. With a career spanning over half a century, the watch industry bids farewell to a remarkable aviator, race car driver, and watchmaker. Helmut Sinn is survived by a daughter and son.

Helmut Sinn Has Passed Away At The Age Of 101 Watch Industry News

Before entering the watchmaking space, Helmut Sinn trained and flew as a pilot for the German Luftwaffe during World War II. After a combat crash, where he sustained numerous injuries, Mr. Sinn served as a flight instructor and eventually founded “Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren” in 1961. Primarily focused on the manufacture of navigation clocks and pilot chronographs, Sinn’s original design language successfully carried the brand into a new era and the company was eventually sold in 1994. It’s hard to deny the utility and practicality of these designs and many still consider the brand to be one of the few true “tool watch” manufacturers of today.

Helmut Sinn Watches Hourglass Replica Has Passed Away At The Age Of 101 Watch Industry News
While we may all feel like we know Sinn Watches Buy Replica and have a handle on their general taste, Baselworld 2016 revealed that Sinn remains capable of surprising and that their game isn’t only tool divers and hardcore pilot watches. From the ornate 6200 Meisterbund into the somewhat rakishly handsome 910 Anniversary chronograph, Sinn’s 2016 Baselworld lineup was an impressive pivot from their more common view stylings.We’ll leave the 6200 for the following place and center on the sporty and versatile Sinn 910 Anniversary. Designed for Sinn’s 55th Anniversary, this limited edition chronograph is equal parts form and function with a 41.5millimeter steel case housing a column wheel split next automatic chronograph movement. Thickness is 15.5mm, with anti-reflective sapphire crystals front and back protecting a nicely finished movement and a beautiful warm tan dial with black applied markers and red accents.With no date and two sub dials, dial symmetry is powerful and the Sinn 910 Anniversary provides double central seconds palms (for split second timing) and a 30-minute totalizator at three. Using a highly altered ETA 7750 with a double column wheel rattrapante module from La Joux-Perret, the Sinn 910 Anniversary operates like a conventional chronograph, but you can stop and reset the divide step through the pusher at 8 o’clock. This dual chronograph performance is excellent for timing the results of two simultaneous events, like the 1st and 2nd outcomes of a sprint, or just for playing with as you pass the time. Additionally, given their relative rarity and specialized engineering, a split second chrono is a cool way to pay tribute to Sinn’s anniversary.Despite its marginally more classic form, the Sinn 910 Anniversary is spared bit of Sinn’s attention to robust engineering and technical specifics. Water resistant to the DIN 8310 standards and 100M, the Sinn 910 Anniversary can be shock resistant and anti-magnetic to the guidelines created by DIN 8308 and 8309, respectively. The Sinn 910 Salon can also be low pressure resistance and its crown and pushers utilize Sinn’s D3-System for a more integrated design that provides enhanced protection against knocks and the ingress of moisture and dust. As per normal with Sinn, there is no half-assery available in the plan and build of the Sinn 910 Anniversary.

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After the sale was made to IWC production engineer Lothar Schmidt in 1994, the Sinn Spezialuhren we know today was officially formed. Helmut Sinn then went on to acquire Guinand, a defunct Swiss brand formed in 1865 which he revived in 1995 in order to produce practical and affordable military-inspired watches. With Guinand, Mr. Sinn also tapped into the world of reaching consumers online – an area several Swiss brands still find themselves lagging behind in today. Officially, Helmut Sinn retired in 2015 after selling the Guinand brand as well. From his humble beginnings selling cuckoo clocks to Americans stationed in Germany to his time leading one of the most significant German watchmaking brands of the modern era, Helmut Sinn made significant contributions to the watch industry and for that, he will always be remembered. Additionally, aBlogtoWatch recommends reading the full report on Watches By SJX where you can learn more about Mr. Sinn’s life as a watchmaker.

Editor’s Note: In honor of Helmut Sinn, the Guinand team has created an online condolence book, which can be viewed here.

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